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San Leandro, California
I am a mostly retired Nurse who works enough to pay for a studio and art supplies. I have been making art all my life, with no formal degree-type training, beginning with sewing at an early age. I discovered the JOY of quilting when I realized how much I liked breaking rules and telling stories. Workshops in surface design and art quilting, mentoring and encouragement from quilt artists, discovering the magic of assemblage with found objects, has landed me right in the middle of a mixed media world of art. I have been making my art and keeping it mostly to myself, giving it away only when I felt it was safe to do so. Finally, I was convinced that in order to grow artistically, I had to open up my art world for others to see, to like or not, but to see. Please take a look. Any comments, suggestions are welcome.

Nov 5, 2011


November Art is in the Cards trade is "Grateful", pretty appropriate for Thanksgiving I think. However, it is such a wide open theme...trying to focus on anything was really hard. Then one of my uncles passed away, and I started thinking about all of my aunts and unclesbefore him that have gone, and then of other family members which brought up so many great memories and it just went on and on. Boy, I sure had a lot of things from the past to be grateful for and then there was now... Finally I just began writing names, places, and things that swam into my consciousness in very tiny script because it really doesn't matter to the reader who they are, does it? I printed them on vellum and accordion folded them, gluing them onto a collage of some childhood memories and used tissue tape and a cute plastic buckle to hold on the accordion folded paper.

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